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Critical Review: Nas + Damian Marley = Distant Relatives

May 22, 2010by Tim Prolific JonesAfricaCultureHip-HopReviews4

It is no secret to many of you that I view art not as a product, but as a vehicle for culture. Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives project brings this philosophy to the forefront of two genres of music. As a fan of both artists, as a lover of Hip-Hop and Reggae, as a participant in the culture, as a writer, and as a part of the African Diaspora, I believe this album to be a milestone. Not only is Distant Relatives an album, it is a documentary. Through multiple outlets, Distant Relatives explored the connections between Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Africa.


Nas feat. James Baldwin – Queens Get the Money [Unofficial Video]

March 22, 2010by Tim Prolific JonesCultureHip-Hop0

This clip is a testament to the eternal genius of James Baldwin, who was a leader amongst leaders. Shout out to Jeffrey Severe (click to follow him on Twitter) for the original post, found on his blog, which includes the transcript of Baldwin's interview. This fan video captures the spirit and sentiments echoed across Nas' most recent album, Nigger (I will never call it "Untitled"). This is powerful.