Pass the torch & pass the flame/the whole game hang by a rapper’s chain – Y.C. The Cynic, “Say Superman”

Some emcees are so witty that they are a breath of fresh air. Meet Y.C. The Cynic, a lyrical prodigy from the birthplace of Hip-Hop (shout out to the whole BX).

“I can win Connect Four in three moves”. This young king of braggadocio flexes a genius amount of dexterity throughout his debut. What I love most about You’re Welcome (aside from it’s title – I’m the kind of asshole to appreciate such a thing) is that it is unapologetic in all facets. Y.C.’s delivery is extremely smooth and low-key, which is deceiving. This dichotomy is something he addresses in repeatedly in “Say Superman.” Being dope has never looked this easy.

This is an independent release. And it sounds fucking phenomenal. This album BANGS. From his remake of Digable Planet’s classic “Rebirth of the Slick”, to the Lauryn Hill ode “Where’s Lauren”, to “Chris Brown’s Latest Hit”, Y.C.’s combinations don’t miss [pun intended]. The Chris Brown persona track is hilarious. I played it on repeat on Thursday night, shaking my head in hysterical laughter.

I first met Y.C. in Queens at the Afrikan Poetry Theatre (it was the same night I met Top $ Raz & Kalil Kash, & iHeartDilla‘s Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Estevez). I’m a hard sell when it comes to liking emcees, especially new ones. This kid posted up in the corner the whole night in a hoodie stepped on stage, and transformed into a behemoth. Every performance I have seen since then has only raised the bar. He’s passionate, lyrical, cares about his community, and is a genuine dude. For a self-proclaimed cynic, that is quite an accomplishment.

Follow him on Twitter @YCtheCynic, and download his album below for FREE! Support the future of Hip-Hop. And if you didn’t know, the future is now.

This album is Certified Corporate B-Boy Fresh.

You’re Welcome.

 State I.D. by YC The Cynic