Owo Foro Adobe

Owo Foro Adobe is a mixed-media, publishing, and performance collaborative founded by Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte.

Owo Foro Adobe is an Adinkra symbol that originates amongst the Akan people of what is now Ghana. It is transliterated as the snake climbing around the raffia tree. Because of its thorns, the raffia tree is a very dangerous challenge to the snake. Its ability to climb it is a model of creativity and persistence.

OFA imprints include the youth-empowering Owo Foro Adobe Design Group, and Rebel Waters (run by  Cétáh Treadwell).

Books by Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte (formerly Veit Jones)
Ofrenda para las ancestras by Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte

Ofrenda para las ancestras reconciles the complicated interlocking identities that compose Edwaujonte’s bloodline — African, Indigenous, and European. This offering explores the price of discovering one’s heritage, set against the composite backdrops of genealogy, gentrification, systemic racism, and spiritual awakening. It is a journey of healing expressed through prayer, blues poetry, eulogy, ethnography, resistance, and ancestral reverence.

Musaic | 40 Days, 40 Nights

Musaic is the story of a writer who falls in love with his muse, and the emotional carnage on both sides that occurs as a result.

40 Days, 40 Nights finds that same writer navigating depression and attempting to write his way out.

Prolific is a collection of the early work of Timothy Prolific Veit Jones. It is a coming of age book of poetry written by Jones when he was a young adult, and has been re-released with a specific focus of engaging young adults whose interests in social justice, romance, literature, spirituality, and education converge.

Books by other authors

One Mic: A Lyrics on Lockdown Anthology 2004-2008, Edited by Danielle Laura, Lauren Billie, and Ella Turenne

One Mic features the poetry and artwork of students from the Lyrics on Lockdown classes at Rikers Island Academy, New York University, Columbia University, and Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, as well as lesson plans from workshops conceived and facilitated by NYU students.

“I plotted to eliminate, erase, rid, burn, and kill her (my brown skin color). I used to hate myself… It took me a very long time to learn to love me.” Khmer Girl narrates Peuo Tuy’s unique life struggles in her own poetic story-telling style. She will touch your heart taking you on a journey from the depths of her struggles to the joys of acceptance. Khmer Girl is a captivating story detailing Peuo Tuy’s struggles navigating life as a dark-skinned Asian girl to womanhood. She is a survivor of the Cambodian genocide whose family was annexed to the United States.