Black Fire: Remembering Amiri Baraka

One month after spending a good portion of a late attempting to navigate the grief, loss, and shock of Imanu Amiri Baraka's transition from elder to ancestor, I am ready to share this with the world. It is a raw first response. In respect for his family those who knew personally, I delayed sharing this. I'm compelled to today. Àṣẹ

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Gunpowder Plots, Firecrackers, & Flags

[repost from July 4, 2008]

Good afternoon b-boys and b-girls.

On this day, every year, two trains of thought depart from my cerebral platform. These twin locomotives parallel the concept of the Double Consciousness of Black Americans introduced to the world by W.E.B. Du Bois, and head in opposite directions. One is of the tradition of Thomas Jefferson, the eloquent, somewhat hypocritical (slave owner), and allegedly racially mixed Third President of the United States.

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