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As Timothy Prolific Edwaujonte

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Medium | Blood on the Leaves | Bloodletting: A Blues in 3 Parts

Voicemail Poems | The Apocalypse as seen Where the Waters Meet during the Summer Solstice

The Inquisitive Eater Anthology | Ebonics

As Timothy Prolific Veit Jones, Timothy Prolific Jones, or Timothy Veit Jones

The Inquisitive Eater | Ofrenda | Ebonics | Adulting is Hard aka The Vegetable Poem

Dancing While Black: 2012 – 2018, A Community Syllabus | Cruz Simplex

Cake | Sydnie L. Mosley Dances | Respectability Politics

When All Else Fails by Greg G the Golden Child | Born Black
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YRB Magazine | #Res Reworks Fleetwood Mac @SOBs

The Ferguson Moment | For Aiyana

African Voices, Volume no. 13 | Boom

12th Street, Issue #6 | Ragnarok

12th Street, Issue #5 | A Lullaby of Shotguns and Switchblades

Gunplay, Vol. 1 | Gunplay